Vision GS PE /

Price: $29.95

Supports: Large list of network cameras, DirectShow and VfW

Remote monitoring: + it uses streaming server from Microsoft

Motion detection: activity detector + detection masks. No contouring.

Processor load: Average. 3 cameras 40%. 1 motion detector 70%, 2 motion detectors – 95%. After switching on 3-rd motion detector the processor load went to 100% and system became unstable.

Our review: Works, but no video recording. Switching on 3 cameras plus 3 motion detectors made this software unstable. After 3rd motion detector was on, one network camera switched off. Also, during camera setup it is important to select exact model of network camera from the list.

Features: 3-
User interface: 4
Quality: 3-
Final Score: 3, 3