Netcam-Watcher /

Cameras 1 2 4 8
Price $119 $219 $319 $599

Supports: network cameras only – 42 manufacturers (115 models)

Price: $119 – 1 cam / $219 – 2 cams/ $319 – 4 cams / $599 – 8 cams
Supports: network cameras only – 42 manufacturers (115 models)

Remote monitoring: via separate software.

Motion detection: Activity detector with masking. It is possible to define a post alarm recording time. There is no contouring.

Processor load: Average. 3 cameras brings processor load to 62-66%. In thumbnail mode load is 33%. Motion detection all 3 cameras, increases load to 93-96%. In 1.3 Megapixel test the Netcam Watcher Pro has shown quite bad result – 88% on P4 2.4. It seems the NetcamWatcher is not optimized for large frame size.

Features: PTZ patrol function, rotating quad screen, can store images on remote FTP sites. Software records video in .mjpg files, there is a possibility to convert these files to .AVI.

Our review: The user interface is not a friendly one. If you right click a thumbnailed camera then a pop-up menu appears for the “selected” camera and not for the camera you right-clicked. You need at first use left mouse click to make it work. Also you need to wait for ages in case if you try to connect camera on wrong IP, or if IP camera is off. In one our test the Netcam Watcher v1.75 made a “Access Violation Error” during software shot down.

Word “Professional” is written everywhere on the website as well as in the NetCam Watcher splash screen. I would say the Netcam Watcher does not seem to be really professional.

Features: 4
User interface: 3
Quality: 3
Final Score: 3, 3