NetCamCenter Basic Edition /

Price: $399
Supports: Network cameras – 16 manufacturers

Remote monitoring: +

Motion detection: Detection zones. 2 parameters motion detector settings: background noise and sensitivity.

Processor load: ? NetCamCenter demo version supports only one camera. So we were unable to test the processor load with 3 IP cameras, but in 1.3 megapixel camera test the software from webcamsoft has shown very good result.

Features: FTP, Schedule, SMTP, Dynamic IP.

Our review: NetCam Center costs little bit too much for its functions. For strange reason the demo version supports one camera only.
We have not found a way to select a camera resolution. One day we have seen a low resolution frames, another day it became high resolution frames.

Features: 3+
User interface: 4-
Quality: – (not rated)
Final Score: 0 (not rated)