I-Catcher Console / icode.co.uk

Price: 199.95 British pounds (about 348 USD) for 4 cameras
329.95 British pounds (about 575 USD) for 8 cameras
Supports network cameras: AVIOSYS, AXIS, Canon, DLink, Elmo, GadSpot, Hawknig Technology, Intellinet, iSec, JVC, LinkServer, LinkSys, Pixord, Planet, Sony, StarDot, Sweex, Toshiba, VCS, Vivotek (20 manufacturers,) as well as Microsoft Direct Show and VFW compatible devices.

Remote monitoring: Own Java applet

Motion detection: motion detector always on, tracks one moving object

Processor load: Leader in our multiple camera test (3 IP + 1USB) ! In that test has shown a really low load on processor, even with all motion detectors on. Using 2 cameras with 640×480 resolution and one USB camera the processor load was under 60%.
But for strange reason I-Catcher Console has shown quite high (75%) processor load in 1.3 megapixel test and the FPS was way lower in compare with other software products.

Our review: Good. Quite good motion detection, good stability, but really high price and bad optimization for megapixel cameras.

The second minus of ICatcher is difficulty to add a camera, not listed in models list. Software asks to enter camera HTTP path even for quite old cameras models, like our Axis 213 with PTZ.

Features: 4
User interface: 4
Quality: 4+
Final Score: 4 good, 4

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