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Price: from $39 to $600

Previous time we were unable to test “Capturix” product because of problems with dirivers, but this new version is really not bad at all.

Supports: network cameras: Axis, some DLink, Trendnet, Mobotix, Vivotek
DirectShow and WFV compatible devices – USB cameras

Remote monitoring: +

Motion detection: activity detection, zone setup, contouring

Processor load: Processor load is high.

Features: Schedule, SMTP, SMS, Dynamic IP, Password.

Our review: We have tested the Capturix Video Spy with AXIS and one old Mobotix camera. It looks new Mobotix cameras with 3 Megapixel resolution not yet supported.

Apart from short list of supported cameras software worked well.

We were happy to see our Joystick works well with it.

Small glitch – after installation Capturix tries to install VICON Lens Calculator. We have tested this calculator before and actually we prefer cctv design tool from, but it looks like there is no easy way to cancel this VICON installation if it already started.

Features 4.0
User interface: 4.0
Quality: 4.0
Tech. Support: – Final Score: 4

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