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License Lite Pro Deluxe
Price $29 $49 $89

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Supports: network cameras: Aviosys, Axis, Canon, DLink, Eltis, IQEYE, JVC, Panasonic, SOHO, Sony, Toshiba, Trendnet, VEO and more (all together 35 manufacturers), DirectShow and WFV compatible devices – USB cameras, some BT chipset frame grabbers are supported with 3rd party software.

Remote monitoring: +

Motion detection: activity detection, zone setup, contouring

Processor load: Processor load is high. 4 cameras brings processor load to 70%. Motion detection even on one camera, increases load to 90%, but even with 4 motion detectors on software works stable.
In 1.3 Megapixel test it has shown from 60% to 80% processor load.

Features: FTP, Schedule, SMTP, Dynamic IP, Password.

Our review: Works from the start. This video surveillance and web cam software gives a good impression. The user interface contains some small glitches. But for its price it is a good software. Recently authors added support of MPEG4.

We have tested versions 9, 10 and active webcam 11 in Motion JPEG mode – our tests were OK. If you run ActiveWebCam without a registration or entering a key or serial number, the software shows a nag screen and works with minimal number of features.

Small strange thing: on startup the software turns Axis 213 PTZ camera to its zero position.
Some rarely used cameras, like Vivotek 5xxx or 6xxx are not well supported. But actually it is not a problem.

The only one not good thing about Active Webcam is a weak technical support. In few cases our visitors experienced problems trying to get answers on their questions about this software. Answers were too generic.

Features 4.5,
User interface: 4
Quality: 4.0
Tech. Support: 3-
Final Score: 4 good, 4.0

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