Top 20 Video Surveillance Software

Place Software Manufacturer Rating
1 LuxRiot A&H Software House 4.5
2 Active WebCam 4
3 iCatcher Console 4
4 NetcamWatcher 3
5 Vision GS PE 3
6 WillingWebcam 2.5
7 WebcamXP 2.5
8 NetCam Center 2
9 iVista 2
10 Cam Wizard 1
11 NetSnap 1
12 Digi Watcher 1
13 CoffeeCup 1
14 CrazyPixel 1
15 ChillCam 1
16 Webcam32 1
17 Webcamfirst 1
18 Gotcha 1
19 ConquerCam 1
20 HomeWatcher 1
21 Webcamnow 1
22 TeVeo 1
23 SupervisionCam 1
24 Hidden Camera Control 1
25 Kabcam Kabsoftware 1
26 Capturix 0
27 Crime-Catcher 0

Some products here got rating 2 , because it is not possible to test them with multiple cameras.

Some products here got rating 1 , because they don’t support network cameras.

But many of webcam recording software are quite nice and very popular (even more popular than AciveWebcam) . For example have a look on CAM Wizard from LedSet

Why it is so important to support network cameras?
The answer – network surveillance is the top of the digital video technology and it is the easiest thing to install at home yourself

Software made blue screen on our PCs or hanged up received no rating ( 0 ) and placed at the end of the list.

Video management software reviews and more details about each test you can find on Software Reviews page

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13 :/software-reviews/active-webcam/ 4

Home Video surveillance - do it yourself

Does it cost a moderate price? Can I make it myself without call a professionals? Yes and yes!

You can read everything about surveillance cameras and cctv design methodology in the internet.

For many years some areas of technology belonged to professionals only. For example photography, music recording or video surveillance.


Digital video surveillance history

During last 30 years video surveillance have evolved from analogue CCTV equipment, to completely digital systems. IP Video in general and devices like network camera and network video recorder came to replace old CCTV equipment.

Same migration from analog to digital systems happened in all other areas of technology.


So many software products, so little time!
We have tested it for you!


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